Ways to Become Best Racer of All

Jehan Daruvala is a professional Indian racing driver. During his career, he has established himself as a real athlete and just a good and open person. Recently, he gave a list of tips, thanks to which anyone can try himself in professional motorsport. Therefore, if you have been dreaming about it for a long time, read this article and share it with your friends!

Start Training on Karting

As Daruvala said, Karting is racing on the simplest vehicles without a body. At the same time, the track itself and the cars are equipped in such a way that it is very difficult or even impossible to get injured even in a collision. Therefore, children even 7-8 years old are allowed to go karting. That is, you can and should start your career in karting as early as possible. And the more success the athlete achieves there, the faster he can be able to move on to more serious tracks.

Europe Is the Best Place to Start

According to Daruvala, it is Europe with its variety of tournaments that is the best option for beginners. In addition, there is another reason, it is much easier to build a career in Europe. After all, then it can not be necessary to get used to the new weather conditions, and the creators and sponsors of the legendary Formula 1 are guided precisely by European pilots.

It’s Important to Have a Racing Mentor

As Daruvala said, racers need to draw from somewhere verified information and life experience. A good and even mandatory option is the presence of a coach. A good mentor will save you years of training and help you mentally and physically prepare to win.

Better to Find a Professional Racing Team

You should not encourage your vanity and initially look for a team in which you will be the best athlete. Daruvala says directly that finding a good team, in which professional athletes will be your partners, is a direct path to success. In addition, if you manage to be better than your teammates, then the organizers of major tournaments may notice you faster.

Don’t Neglect Video Simulators

Computer games, although they seem to be something childish and incomprehensible. Nevertheless, they play a very important role in the life of racing professionals. Thus, it becomes possible, even without direct presence, to visualize and learn the structure of the track that you have never ridden before.

Don’t Do Street Racing

Street racing is the road to nowhere. This is how it characterizes Daruvala. According to him, no professional racer should participate in this kind of competition. This greatly spoils the reputation and can cost a career. Moreover, even the most difficult street racing will not teach you how to behave on the track.

Be Sure to Visit the Gym

According to Daruvala, the physical condition of the rider plays an important role. The thing is that during the race, the pilot can experience enormous loads that no one experiences in everyday life. They are quite a bit lower than those experienced by military pilots during maneuvers. Thus, it is your physical form that should become support in such a racing situation.

Try to Learn Them All!

Racing requires constant concentration and effort from you. Therefore, it is better to initially listen to experts and listen to their advice. Share this article with your friends and start your racing journey together!