Places to Find First Money for Racers

Many people who are trying to get into professional sports are intimidated by the fact that you have to pay money for it. And, unfortunately for many, these amounts are quite large. Of course, it all depends on your initial financial situation, as well as on which league you want to get into. In this article, we will analyze the interview with the racing legend Gantmakher, and find out what he says about money. Save this article and share it with your fellow enthusiasts! Let’s start!

How Much Money Do You Need to Save From Salary

Let’s start from the very beginning. The main question is how much money you need to pay in order to get to your first race. Fortunately, if we are talking about local tournaments without much excitement, the prices are quite loyal even for an ordinary person.
For example, there are separate races, the cost of participation in which is less than 5 thousand dollars. At the same time, this amount already includes the cost of renting a car. As you can see, the cost is quite reasonable. Along with this, there are more serious competitions, even entry-level, which can be more difficult to pay. Also, some races do not involve car rental, which means that you need to pay an impressive amount from your pocket.

How Does Sponsorship Work

Sponsorship in the world of sports is a complex and incomprehensible business. However, in order to properly understand the motivation of your future sponsors, you need to understand what they need from you. In this case, any racer acts as an advertising platform, which should demonstrate the product to the audience as brightly and successfully as possible. Understanding this, you can proceed to the next stage – the direct search for your sponsors.

Ways to Find New Sponsors

Probably the main question asked by people who are far from racing is where and how to find sponsors. Gantmacher provided a list of ground rules that may surely lead you to the desired result. Here they are:

  1. Have a Clean and Tidy Appearance
    Perhaps the main rule for racing sportsmen is to look, so as not to cause disgust and hostility in people. All advertisers want their products to be associated with shiny cars and shiny jumpsuits!
  2. Show Results on the Racetrack
    Unfortunately or fortunately, advertisers choose only the best athletes. This is indirectly related to the previous reason. For any marketer, it is important that his product is associated with success and victory. Perform successfully and at the same time have fun, so that people want and love to look at you!
  3. Raising the Brand of Your Personality
    The modern world makes it possible for any person, simply having access to the Internet, to build a personal brand of the highest class. And this is exactly what the sponsors expect from the racer. You should stand out from the crowd and attend third-party events, as well as be a media personality. Then you get a great chance that sponsors will contact you and offer cooperation!

What Is the Price of Sports Car

Gantmakher argues that it is not worth talking about the cost of a sports car unambiguously. Again, it all depends on what level you want to count on. After all, cars are very different, and those of them that correspond to the level of formula 1 cost tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Everything will depend only on you!

Let’s Start Working Today!

Even if you do not plan to become a professional athlete yet, nothing prevents you from starting to work on your image today. After all, the sooner you start working, the sooner you will achieve results!