What Mature Racers Tell about their Path through Big Sport

Probably every person who saw on the TV screen the shining overalls of professional racers asked himself the question of how they achieved such a level. For most people, it remains a problem to understand how other people find themselves in the world of big sports. There is a feeling that any racing sports tournament is a closed club for very rich people. But actually, it is not. In this article, we will use the words of Efim Gantmakher, a living legend of speed sports, and tell the whole truth about the hidden life of the racing world!

Best Age to Start Training

In many sports, true professionals racing athletes begin their training at a very young age. It would seem that in racing sport it is impossible to organize such conditions under which children would remain safe, and at the same time learn how to competently drive a vehicle. However, it is not!

According to Gantmakher, the best age to start a racing career is 7-8 years old, because that’s when the opportunity to go karting appears. For those who are not familiar with this concept, karting is the simplest type of kart racing – vehicles without a body. The go-kart racing is completely safe, and the speeds are low, so even a child is safe to go there.
However, even if you missed this chance, all is not lost for you! History knows cases when very hard work allowed future racers to start training at the age of 15, and after 2-3 years to participate in professional racing competitions! Therefore, the only correct answer is: the best age to start is today.

Is It Possible to Become Pro on Carting

According to Gantmacher, racing is very similar to chess. And here a simple rule applies – if you want to become stronger, you should compete with those who are stronger than you. Therefore, you should always rely on your feelings.
Karting helps to learn the basic concepts and rules. However, it should be understood that most often people come there for a simple holiday, and it may not work to compete with them all the time. After all, at some point, you may not meet any resistance. That’s when you should move on to more serious vehicles!

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What can be your next step is up to you. However, as practice from all over the world shows, after fruitful lessons in karting, it is already possible to move on to more serious stages. And this means that the initial racing and the first real rivals are waiting for you!
How Many Trains per Week You Should Have
Gantmakher warns that he cannot speak for all the racers he knows and give any advice. However, he can share his personal racing experience. And as this legend states, his life consists almost entirely of constant exercise. It should be noted that not all 24 hours a day he spends on the track.

Many exercises are mental and physical. For example, every day before going to bed, Gantmakher thinks about some moments that may occur on the track. A racer is not only a person who knows how to drive a car, but also an athlete who constantly visualizes and realizes his thoughts. This is a very difficult job that never stops, even in a dream!

Are Physical Exercises Important for Beginners

The question of the physical form of professional racers is quite debatable. Indeed, for many people, driving a car is a task that does not require any great physical effort. However, this is completely false. According to Gantmakher, motor racing athletes are going through the toughest conditions. For example, even on the simplest trails, drivers can survive a 1.5g load, while the temperature in the cabin reaches 70 degrees Celsius. That is, even at the simplest competitions, any racer must survive conditions twice as bad as an ordinary person on the street.

In addition, it should be understood that, for example, during a Formula 1 race, racers are in conditions much worse. According to statistics, a racer behind the wheel should be able to survive for a couple of hours in an iron box with a load of a staggering 5g. In order to make it easier for you to understand the complexity of such tricks, we can give you some interesting numbers. During the performance of maneuvers in the air, military pilots experience a load of 7 to 12 g. That is, it is not only difficult for an ordinary person to survive, but rather impossible!
Therefore, a person who seriously wants to engage in racing sport should think about his physical health in advance. Sign up for the gym and in any case, you will not regret it!

Where Can You Find Useful Information for Self Development

In order to increase your knowledge in the field of racing sport, there are many options available. Do not neglect any resources. Even just by going online, you can find a lot of interesting facts. For example, interviews taken from high-class racers will be most useful. After all, even the data obtained in this article you received thanks to such an interview!

It Is Closer Than You Think!

Stop thinking that racing sport is not available to you! If you are young, healthy, and full of energy, then any door will be opened for you thanks to enthusiasm! This is proven by the huge number of life stories that you can read about freely on the Internet. Don’t lose your dream and go for it! Good luck to you!