Most Interesting and Prestigious Racing Events

Every year, dozens of major motor racing tournaments take place in the world. What is unique is that almost each of them gathers tens of thousands of fans at the venue of the event. In addition, as the statistics of TV channels show, millions of viewers watch athletes from all over the world. In this article, we will tell you what races every professional athlete dreams of participating in and why they are so popular!

The Tournament in Monte Carlo

The south of France is a beautiful place, with an attractive climate and scenery. At the same time, the landscape of the area can change dramatically from fertile plains to rocky mountains. All this was reflected in the character of one of the largest racing tournaments of our time – the Monte Carlo Rally.

For each athlete, participation in this tournament is not only a great honor, but also a rather difficult task. After all, during a long 31 km route, weather conditions and the structure of the road can vary greatly. Athletes face narrow mountain roads and wet snowy surfaces. At the same time, a long straight track can literally hide around the corner. In general, it is not surprising that the audience is looking forward to this event in order to admire the skill of the pilots.

Competition on Pikes Peak

America is famous for its racing tradition. For example, one of the largest tournaments of our time, the Race in the Clouds, dates back to 1916, that is, it has been held for more than a hundred years. And it is not surprising that the tournament has received such popularity.
Crews from all over the world come to every race and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars just to be in the technical and moral shape to enter this difficult course. The whole problem of the track lies in the fact that the finish line is at the top of a steep hill. And this means that any unsuccessful maneuver can lead to a fall from a great height. In addition to fear and adrenaline, rarefaction also plays a role. Approaching the finish line, the athlete experiences a drop in the amount of oxygen by 30%. Perhaps this is what leads to such a rise in excitement.

Off-road at the Dakar Rally

Paris off-road racing is a unique event that attracts the attention of millions of people from all over the world. Many experts and sports fans note that Dakar is the most dangerous competition in cars of all. After all, it requires not so much skill as great endurance and endurance. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for transport pilots not to reach the finish line.
Nevertheless, it is this adrenaline and thrill that most likely attracts the attention of the audience. Yes, and the variety of the route makes itself felt. For example, one stage may consist of a track for several kilometers, or it may last hundreds of kilometers!

What Is Your Favorite One?

If you love racing, then this list is for you. Try to watch professional athletes ride and look for advantages for yourself. By following the best, you will be able to understand where you can improve your skills and become the best version of yourself. If you have a desire to be in a big racing sport, read our other articles and share it with your friends!